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Join the Conversation: Shape the UIC Learning Experience

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Hey, UIC students!

Ever wonder why some of the learning apps on Blackboard work really well for you, while others, well…not so much? It’s time to make your voice heard and play a major role in choosing the learning apps on campus. Let’s chat about how you can make your learning experience even better.

Why Join the Conversation:

  • You’re the expert in your own education
  • Your input can make academic apps more exciting
  • Help us choose apps for different learning styles
  • Spot and resolve tech glitches and issues
  • Contribute to continuous improvements
  • Champion fairness in education for all
  • Empower yourself and others in shaping your learning journey
  • Influence ethical decisions regarding data privacy and tech use

How to Join:

Ready to get involved? It’s easy! We’re launching a dedicated space for you to have your say. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Submit your thoughts here.
  2. Share your experiences with any learning technology apps (Blackboard, iClicker, VoiceThread, Echo360, etc.): what’s working, what’s not working, and your suggestions!

Your voice is more than just an option; it’s necessary. Let’s create an exciting, equitable, and engaging learning journey for everyone. Jump in and help us choose UIC learning apps that are better for us all!

Have 5 minutes? Share your thoughts about AI!