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Piloting Grammarly at UIC in Spring 2024

By making Grammarly accessible to all, the university has empowered its academic community to write with creativity, precision, and flair, ultimately improving the quality of communication and academic work.

a man uses Grammarly on a tablet to correct his misspelling of

In an effort to promote academic excellence and writing proficiency among its 34,000-strong student body, faculty, and staff, UIC has decided to embark on an ambitious pilot project. The idea was simple yet transformative: provide Grammarly licenses to all students, faculty, and staff for a year.

Traditionally, pilot projects within the academic realm target specific departments or faculty, identifying those who can benefit from new applications or provide invaluable feedback. However, Learning Technology Solutions at UIC, chose a different path when considering the integration of Grammarly, a widely popular cloud-based writing assistant, into its academic ecosystem.

The objective of this pilot is not only to improve writing proficiency among students, but also positively impact faculty and staff, enabling them to streamline their communication and content creation processes. The hope is that Grammarly will become an integral part of the campus ecosystem, breaking down barriers or equity and enhancing the overall writing experience.

In addition, LTS has partnered with various departments, including the Office of Student Success and Belonging, to advocate for the widespread adoption of Grammarly licenses across the campus. This collaboration underscores the commitment to providing the best possible resources for our academic community and further enhancing the culture of writing and communication at the university.

Some Key Features of Grammarly:

Grammar and Punctuation: Grammarly’s real-time proofing tool detects basic and advanced grammar and punctuation errors, offering easy-to-understand lessons on why these mistakes occur.

Spell Check: This feature goes beyond the average spell checker, ensuring comprehensive and accurate spelling error detection.

Plagiarism Checker: The plagiarism checking feature is indispensable for students, ensuring the authenticity of content and allowing for proper citations and validation of work, ultimately guaranteeing creative and error-free writing.

Grammarly assesses four categories within text: correctness, clarity, engagement and delivery.

Writing Style Enhancement: One of Grammarly’s standout features is its ability to offer word selection and sentence structure suggestions based on the intended readership and document demographic. This ensures that content is both engaging and precise, catering to a wide range of writing contexts.

Enhancing Reports: Grammarly generates insightful reports with metrics such as word and character counts, enabling students to refine their work according to the intended audience, resulting in more creative and polished writing.

Writing Assistant: Powered by artificial intelligence, Grammarly’s writing assistant offers invaluable support to those writing in English. It scans and provides corrections and suggestions, helping users create clear and concise documents that leave a lasting impression.

This pilot project with Grammarly can usher in a new era of 24/7 anywhere, anytime, writing support, benefiting students, faculty, and staff alike. By making Grammarly accessible to all, the university has empowered its academic community to write with creativity, precision, and flair, ultimately improving the quality of communication and academic work. As higher education institutions continue to embrace digital innovations, our successful integration of applications like Grammarly serves as a compelling example of how technology can transform the writing experience and elevate the standard of written communication on campus.


Stay Tuned: 

Grammarly will be made available at the start of the spring semester. To guide you through the onboarding process, a campus-wide email with instructions will be sent out on the same day that Grammarly is launched. We encourage all students, faculty, and staff to make the most of this opportunity to enhance your writing skills. Get ready to unlock your full writing potential with Grammarly at UIC!