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UIC will launch the Grammarly for Education pilot program on March 1, 2024, providing all 34,000 students, faculty, and staff with access to the cloud-based writing assistant for a year. The Grammarly for Education pilot program is part of UIC’s IT Strategy and the Inspire Learning initiative, which is dedicated to improving learning technology infrastructure and the applications that support teaching and learning.

What is Grammarly? Heading link

a man uses Grammarly on a tablet to correct his misspelling of

Grammarly offers real-time writing assistance, spell check, and other advanced proofreading and editing capabilities across various platforms, including email, documents, and more. Grammarly assists in improving grammar, spelling, and punctuation, providing a valuable resource to elevate the quality of your written communication.

Key Features:

  • Real-time grammar and spell check
  • Suggestions for clarity and conciseness
  • Plagiarism detection
  • Integration with word processors, email clients, and browsers

How do I get an account? Heading link

Participation in the pilot program is voluntary, but your participation is encouraged, as it will be valuable and crucial to the program’s success. If you would like to participate in the Grammarly pilot program, please:

  1. Go to and sign in with your UIC credentials.
  2. Follow the directions: Getting Started with Grammarly.*
  3. After setting up your account, download and use Grammarly: How do I install Grammarly on my computer?

Important Note Heading link

  1. Due to administrative settings established by individual unit/college IT departments, installing third-party software may be limited. In certain instances, staff or instructors will need to contact their unit or college IT department to install Grammarly successfully on their university device(s).
  2. The Grammarly Editor will not be available for the UIC campus. For security and compliance reasons, all content developed using Grammarly must be saved using university-approved storage options such as Box, OneDrive, or Google Drive.