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UIC is dedicated and invested in your teaching and learning success.

There are many components to building a successful course including pedagogy, technology, and even multimedia assets in a traditional classroom, hybrid course, or a fully remote learning environment. Below are key departmental resources available and each group will help with specific elements when building and delivering a well designed course at UIC.

Learning Technology Solutions (LTS) Heading link

There are many LMS tools for instructors to use when designing their courses.

LTS fosters the purposeful application of new technologies to enhance teaching and learning, provides classroom technology support, and centrally manages educational technologies for UIC.

CATE Building

Center for the Advancement of Teaching Excellence (CATE)

CATE serves as a teaching hub for the UIC campus by providing programming and resources for instructors and fostering a culture of inclusive scholarly teaching by promoting equity-minded, inquiry-driven, and data-informed instructional practices.


Lightboard Studio

Instructional Design and Media Production Studio (IDMP Studio)

Instructional designers and media production specialists use educational research and innovative instructional practices to help instructors enhance student engagement, satisfaction and learning outcomes helping to create or redesign online courses.