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Ultra Course View

Blackboard Learn, UIC’s learning management system, has made significant improvements in functionality over the past several years. One of those improvements has been the addition of the Ultra course view. While most instructors at UIC are still using the Original Course View, instructors now have the option to adopt the Ultra Course View.

The Ultra Course View has a more modern design and easy-to-use interface with some new tools that are not available in the Original Course View, like Progress Tracking and Discussion Analytics. However, some Original Course View functionality has been discontinued in the Ultra Course View. Many early adopters have been attracted to the new features in Ultra.

This page highlights the benefits and considerations to make before deciding to use the Ultra Course View.

It is so good to be able to set the gradebook category right as you make the assignment instead of afterward having to go into the gradebook to do it!

AVAILABLE TO: Faculty | Students | Staff

FUNDING: University

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