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End of Semester Checklist for Students

A checklist is a good way to make certain you don't forget anything.

As you wrap up this semester and prepare for the next, here are key steps to ensure you are organized and ready:


  1. Review Your Grades:
    • Check your grades for all courses in Blackboard. Ensure all assignments are submitted and graded.
  2. Course Evaluations:
    • Complete any pending course evaluations. This feedback is crucial for improving courses and instruction.
  3. Save Course Materials:
    • Download and save any important course materials, notes, and resources you may need for future reference or study.
  4. Prepare for Next Semester:
    • Look ahead to your next semester’s courses. Start organizing your schedule and any required materials.
  5. Library and Resources:
    • Return any library books and ensure you have cleared all dues. Access digital library resources for summer reading or research.
  6. Consult Your Academic Advisor:
    • Schedule a meeting with your academic advisor to discuss your progress and plan for the upcoming semester.
  7. Register for Classes:
    • Ensure you are registered for summer and fall classes. Check for any holds on your account that might prevent registration.
  8. Financial Aid Check:
    • Verify your financial aid status for the upcoming semester. Complete any necessary paperwork.
  9. Campus Services:
    • Update any campus services you might need, such as parking permits, meal plans, or housing arrangements.
  10. Technology Check:
    • Ensure you have all the necessary software and access for your courses. Check for any updates needed on your personal computer.
  11. Health and Wellness:
    • Utilize campus health and wellness resources to check in on your physical and mental health.
  12. Personal Data Backup:
    • Back up all important personal data from your devices to avoid loss over the break.


Have Fun Over the Summer:

  • Finally, remember to relax and have fun over the summer break! Enjoy your time off with friends and family, explore new hobbies, and recharge for the upcoming semester.


By following this checklist, you can close out your semester smoothly and be well-prepared for your upcoming courses while looking forward to a rejuvenating summer.