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college students sitting around grammarly sign

UIC Launches New Grammarly Initiative

UIC’s Learning Technology Solutions (LTS) has launched a new pilot program, giving every UIC student access to premium Grammarly features at no cost.

A UIC graduate uses their degree and AI literacy to obtain a good job.

Navigating the AI World: A Guide for Graduates

Skills in AI and machine learning are some of the most sought-after by employers. But it's not all about being good at coding. Companies are also looking for people who can think on their feet. They need you to be able to look at AI systems criticall

An AI robot writes in cursive on a parchment

Your Baby Cousin’s ENGL 160 Instructor Will Know How to Pretrain a Generative Transformer

Imagine a future curriculum influenced by generative AI that aims to equip students with the ability to leverage AI for effective communication across various genres, marking a significant shift towards embracing technological advancements in educat