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Converting to Ultra Courses

Considering a shift to Blackboard Ultra? We offer comprehensive support in converting your existing Blackboard Original courses to the advanced Blackboard Ultra format. Unlock a host of enhanced features and a modernized interface that optimizes your teaching efficiency and enriches your students’ learning journey.

Why Consider Transitioning to Blackboard Ultra?

  • User-Focused Design: Experience an interface designed with educators and learners in mind, simplifying the digital teaching experience.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: Foster active engagement with advanced discussion boards, improved communication tools, and intuitive features.
  • Adaptive Mobile Experience: Enjoy seamless teaching and learning across devices, catering to varied learning preferences.
  • Simplified Content Creation: Craft lessons effortlessly using the redesigned content editor, ensuring your teaching remains the focus.
  • Efficient Assessment Tools: Benefit from upgraded assessment features and interactive rubrics for streamlined grading.
  • Ongoing Enhancements: Blackboard Ultra continually evolves with regular updates to meet evolving pedagogical needs.

Navigating the Transition:

  1. Explore the Advantages: Understand how Blackboard Ultra can enrich your teaching experience and address your concerns.
  2. Connect with Us: Reach out to our team for personalized guidance, clarifications, and assistance in transitioning.
  3. Experience Ultra: Embrace the future of digital education at your own pace, ensuring a smooth and comfortable transition.

Take a step towards innovation while acknowledging your concerns. Join us in exploring the potential of Blackboard Ultra, tailored to your teaching journey and preferences. Contact our learning design team at to begin the conversation and embark on a journey toward enhanced digital pedagogy.

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