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LTI Requests

Before LTIs are integrated into our system, they must go through an approval process. The approval process for each tool will include reviews for functionality, accessibility, security, FERPA, legal, cost, as well as other factors.

The general steps are as follows:

  1. Instructor submit a request via a form - the following information is required to submit a request
    • Product Name
    • Link to Product Website
    • Brief Purpose of Tool (how the tool will be used and why and integration with Blackboard is needed
    • Link to Product Terms of Service Agreement
    • Link to Product Privacy Policy
    • Link to Product Voluntary Product Accessibility Template
    • License information: (a) a license is required and has been purchased; (b) a license is required but has NOT yet been purchased; (c) no license is required; (d) other - please explain.
    • Funding source (who is paying for the license)
  2. LMS Committee Review (academic use, support)
  3. Security Review (needs HECVAT, SOC2 Type 2 report, and any additional security information pertaining to assessment, certification, diagrams, etc.)
  4. Technology Solutions Change Advisory Board Review (security, privacy, accessibility) - Additional information may be requested after the initial review

See the Rubric for the LTI Review and an example of the rubric applied to evaluate a sample request. Because of the technical, accessibility, security, and other university policy requirements, the time between form submission and installation of the app on Blackboard Learn may vary from 4 to 8 weeks.